Bio Thing


Migueltzinta received his Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College in Interdisciplinary Studies. He has a professional background in sustainable agriculture and design, theater arts, creative writing, marketing for small businesses and teaching in the arts. He is currently working on a novel about borders, prosthesis and the colonization of Mars. He is pursuing an MFA in Visual Art at The University of Lethbridge in Alberta. His work is heavily informed by his experience as a Mexican American homosexual and FTM trans individual.


6 comments on “Bio Thing

  1. Our humanities interest group just read this story and discussed it. Thought it was fantastic as well, will look for some of your other work!

  2. I read your Medium piece on Dollywood this evening. I grew up going there, and one of my favorite memories with my husband occurred there. Being born and raised in East Tennessee kept me from seeing how at odds with itself Dollywood is and why, even though I never experienced anything antagonistic towards me or my husband, I felt uneasy being there as a gay man. Thanks for your perspective– it helped clarify a good number of things for me.

  3. Joshua, I’m so glad the piece resonated with you. It’s nice to hear from someone more familiar with the place. I was definitely captivated by its strange magic and want very much to go back. Thanks for sharing!

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